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Garments designed and created for intense and prolonged use. The textiles are chosen and combined to function in extreme environmental situations which demand high protection against tearing, abrasion and frayng.

Resistance to tearing:
resistance to abrasion:
Performances life:
Weight limitation:


HARD WEAR SERIES. Garments designed and created to obtain optimal performance in terms of resistance and lifetime combined with great attention paid to weight limitation.

Resistance to tearing:
resistance to abrasion:
Performances life:
Weight limitation:


Garments designed and created ti offer maximum lightness combined with good performances in terms of resistence and lifetime. the models are ergonomically designed or utilise elasticised materials for maximum freedom of moviment.

Resistance to tearing:
Resistance to abrasion:
performances life:
Weight limitation:


Garments designed and created to offer maximum silence. The materials are chosen combined with regard to the criteria of softness, absance of rustling and friction and particular attention to weight limitation and resistence correlated to the type of materials used.

Resistance to tearing:
resistance to abrasion:
Performances life:
Weight limitation:


The breathable Schoeller Dryskin soft shell fabric ensures that moisture is quickly carried away from the body while the inside of the garment remains dry. this keeps you confortable so your body can perform better, no matter what you are doing. Schoeller Dryskin is extremely hard-wearing and durable.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


POLARTEC® fabrics are the reference standard for the ability to offer warmth without weight and excellent breathability. This is the fleece "original" - that is the first ever invented - and offers unparalleled quality and endurance. For over three decades the most famous experienced outdoor enthusiasts to make sure POLARTEC® insulation layer.


The high tech fabric that meets the highest requirements in terms of tear resistance and durability and offers maximum protection. SCHOELLER KEPROTEC is made using only the highest-quality materials. For example, this fabricalso contains Kevlar, an aramide fiber which, gram for gram, is five times stronger than steel. Using the most modern production technology, the various components are processed to a fabric construction which ensure extreme tear resistence, highest rub-proofing and perfect heat-friction resistence.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


to waterproof the clothing of the Wildlife Technical Equipment collection we use SYMPATEX the famous water and wind-proof and highly perspirating membrane.The small molecules of the water vapour created by the bodily perspiration evaporate through the membrane's hydrophile areas, while the water drops (and the wind) find a impenetrable barries thanks to its structure without pores.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


EVENT fabrics get their unique properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane. Its unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one easy step. We call this Direct Venting Technology.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


Research and design in a HIGHTECH fabric for an extreme resistance, thanks to highest quality materials: this is KETRATEX. This fabric also contains Kevlar®, an aramide fiber which, gram for gram, is five times stronger than steel, to provide high resistance, rub-proofing, and perfect heat-friction resistance. Both for technical activities and extreme sports KETRATEX is a technology that will follow you along the time and the space.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


Resulting from Trabaldo's extensive knowledge of weaving techniques and the physical properties of fibers, TITANIAL is the maximum expression to be achieved at present, having the most advanced technical know-how and turning out fabrics which combine lightness and breathability of unparalleled resistance. Made of a high tenacity fiber mix including Dyneema®, 15 times stronger than steel, TITANIAL is the answer. It can get rid of the unwanted weight yet doesn't lose the high level of resistance needed in the world of hunting, guaranteeing a longer lifespan and a daily sense of well-being.


Resistant to abrasion ters, scuffs, and puntures CORDURA is the best fabric for its rugged durability and lightweight strenght.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


Brings advanced technology to your everyday life. Ultra-light, weight to weight time stronger than steel, KEVLAR© brand fibre from DuPont is a must in high performance application from fighter airplanes to Formula 1 tyres.In sports too, KEVLAR© helps many champions win.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


It is the new standard in the textile world, which meets the ever-increasing demand for protection from external agents during hunting in harsh environments with thorns. THORN SHIELD TECHNOLOGY, developed by TRABALDO, is a special textile structure able to improve puncture resistance, reducing skin’s damage and punctures to waterproof membranes.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


BREATH SYSTEM of Trabaldo is a line of products conceived to satisfy the needs of high tenacity garments with optimal free breathability. When waterproofness is not needed and to breath is so important as the need of protection and lightness, BREATH SYSTEM is your warranty. BREATH SYSTEM is a mix of technical fabrics with high tenacity and breathable properties to offer the best comfort and performance during an intensive sport activity. Effective resistance to abrasion, snagging and tearing combined with an excellent perspiration, obtained by a knowledge mix of textures and textiles fibers, are the main characteristics of a BREATH SYSTEM clothing.

BREATH SYSTEM: your protective shield in wellbeing

APPLICATION: third layer


COOLSUEDE is the hunting clothing new fabric generation of TRABALDO, born to meet the need of softness and quietness with a strong technical value. COOLSUEDE is made by extra-fine fibers of COOLMAX from Advansa that with their special channels increased area offer you the best confort:

  • more liquid moisture transportation than other fabrics, natural or synthetic;
  • faster dryng;
  • the fine denier give fabrics a very soft supple hand;
  • silent and smooth surface;
  • improved abrasion resistance.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


A deep knowledge of materials, hunting techniques, prey and environments at all latitudes, together with the professional expertise of our technicians, designers and Promoters, have enabled us to design and produce an "all-terrain purpose" product. The GMM system is intended for those who for needs of travel, space and weight, are looking for the best of technology in a single garment, in order to meet their hunting needs in all seasons and environments. The interactivity of the GMM modular system allows the user, by putting together the various movable components, to get from his own garment the maximum breathability or the maximum protection against the elements or also the correct visibility of security, depending on the weather conditions, on one's own physiology or on hunting preference. GMM Global Modular Mobility System accompanies you anywhere and at all times.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


PROFILEN is a PTFE yarn with exceptional qualities also used in paramedical field. Its patented technology, hight density and anti-sticking, gives to fabrics a special slippery touch, thus reducing skins friction in both dry and wet conditions. The lower friction factor helps to prevent skin irritations and blisters.

APPLICATION: first layer, underwear/socks.


X-STATIC, a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of e textile fiber offers a lot o unique benefits:

  • ANTIMICROBIAL: eliminates odor-causing bacteria and athlete's foot fungus. X-STATIC is permanent and performance does not diminish over time;
  • ANTI-STATIC: X-STATIC will conduct electricity extremely efficently. Just a small quantity of X-STATIC in apparel or socks will instantly dissipate triboelectric charges, resulting in static-free, comfortable products;
  • THERAPEUTIC: because silver is the most conductive element, X-STATIC products will pick up the electrical cherges on the surface of the skin with benefits for the circulation and reduction of edema (swelling);
  • The cold and warm weather solution.

APPLICATION: first layer, underwear/socks.


Thanks to the cross-section of the special four-channel fibre, COOLMAX fabric forms a transport system that pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and confortable when the heat is on. the best for your safari or summer perspirations.

APPLICATION: first layer, underwear/socks


High-technology fabric, developed from microfibrestì to improve athlete comfort. MICROFRESH is soft tothe touch, and dissipates sweat and concentration of the athlete's body heat, thus preventing build-ups and allowing faster garment drying.

APPLICATION: first layer, second layer


ISOLFIL is the worsted spun yarn in polipropilene MERAKLON that keeps the skin hot and dry:

  • HYDROFOBIC: it does not absorb perspiration but rather discharges it through the meshes of the garment, leaving the skin dry. The little moisture absorbed by the fiber quickly evaporates;
  • HEAT: the low thermal condictivity of ISOLFIL enables the thin layer of air between the skin and the undergarment to remain constant;
  • NEUTRAL: it does not react to the chemical reactions generated by perspiration. The bacteria, responsable for unplesant odours, therefore are unable to develop;
  • LIGHT: ISOLFIL is the lightest of fibres. The lightness of the ISOLFIL underwear provides an unrivalled freedom of movement;
  • GENTLE: ISOLFIL fiber protects the skin from irritations since it does not store up moisture. It is friction and moisture which cause irritations and burns.

APPLICATION: first layer, underwear/socks


  • The lightest fibre in existance: a lightness which results in pleasant comfort, mobility and freedom of movement;
  • Higher levels of insulation: the thermal-insulation capacity of DRYARN is unique, higher than that of wool, creating a breathable barrier which works as an insulator from outside and transport for moisture from inside;
  • Anti-odour: DRYANR hinders the formation of bad odours caused by multiplication of bacteria which settle in the damp areas of clothing;
  • Hydrophobic: its absolute hydrophobicity transfers any moisture outwards, where it evaporates, thus keeping you body skin dry at all times


THERMOLITE® technology provides lightweight warmth for all activities. It offers functional insulation with excellent durability. THERMOLITE® technology is engineered to keep the wearer warmer longer.


- Permanent lightweight warmth performance;

- Good Insulation (CLO) levels;

- Fabric certification processes help ensure consistent high performance regardless of supply source;

- Easy-care;

- Good Fabric and insulation stability.

APPLICATION: first layer.


PRIMALOFT: warmth without bulk, water resistant, breathable, packable, lightweight, superior softness.

APPLICATION: third layer - first layer


Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to the direct sunliht compared to light colors. This no longer needs to happen! Now there is COLDBLACK, a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

APPLICATION: third layer


WIND-SYSTEM is a perfect integrated system for an high comfort level. The mapping with the different fabrics employed guarantees the correct thermal insulation during the sport action meanwhile the WIND-SYSTEM breathable membrane avoids the heat loss caused by windchill effect.

  • Elestic: providing freedom of movement;
  • High abrasion resistant: guaranteeing long durability;
  • Water repellent: for greater comfort levels;
  • Compact: to take less space.

APPLICATION: third layer


RAIN-SYSTEM is a waterproof and breathable membrane, a perfect integrated system for an high comfort level. Seams of the membrane, incorporated between the outer material and the lining, are specially sealed for a complete proofnes to rain and wind, while the small molecules of water vapour created by the body perspiration can pass through it to the outside. Any kind of outdoor activity you face, especially in bad weather conditions, RAIN-SYSTEM gives more chances to your performance.

APPLICATION: third layer


All products equipped with CLIMA DRY technology employ a waterproof membrane located in specific areas of the garment. The mapping system of the different areas ensures a correct balance between water resistance and breathability, avoiding overheating and moisture in contact with the skin. CLIMA DRY is therefore indicated in all those environmental situations that do not require total impermeability duringa continued effort with intense sweating.

APPLICATION: third layer, outwear.


Feeling too hot:

THERMOCOOL™ fiber rapidly evaporates moisture thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres are designed to provide added evaporative surface, outstanding moisture transport and allow enhanced air circulation focussing energy on the evaporation process.

Feeling to cold:

The fibre combination in the fabric provides a light weight material with thermo-buffering properties: designed to protect the user from temperature changes. This also helps to prevent post exercise chill and still allow excess heat to dissipate into the air.

APPLICATION: first layer


  • Greatly increases abrasion, pilling and snagging performance typical of knitted fabrics;
  • it does not interfere with perspiration;
  • Uniform and smooth appearance over the surface for easy layering;
  • Technical look

APPLICATION: third layer