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The main goal of this product is to waterproof the treated item and also to add a scent absorber which as the word says: "absorbs" smells that come from within the item. SCAB-TECH is a technology used by TRABALDO to cover, neutralize or absorb scents coming from the humanbody or other sources which make hunters highly detectable for game. Artificial scent e. g. cigarette smoke or gasoline will also be masked with this spray. Containts a UV ABSORBER from TRABALDO to eliminate the reflection of UV so we don't glow for animals that can see into the UV spectrum.

TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY is a high quality waterproofer and scent absorbant for the treatment of:

a) Clothing: TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY for hunting is developed for the treatment of hunting textile equipped with or without breathable, technical membrane (Gore-Tex, Sympatex...). Also suitable for useon Polar Fleece, Softshell and other synthetic or cotton fibres.

b) Equipment: in addition to the treatment of clothing TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY for hunting is very suitable for waterproofing equipment such as bags, gloves and backpacks.

Use: first clean the item that is to be treated with TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY (hand wash or machine if possible). Hold the spray during the treatment at a distance of about 30 cm in order to have a good covering. The moment the treated product starts to dry wipe off white remnants, if any, with a damp cloth and have everything dry at room temperature. Then the equipment is ready for use.

Our product doesn't contain propelllant and/or harmfull fluor carbon, is environmentally friendly and more over developped without the use of laboratory animals.

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