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A new generation of clothing for technical underwear using SEAMLESS technology and BODY MAPPING SYSTEM to control the differentiated internal micro-climate of the different parts of the body during various phases of physical activity. In cold temperatures, we try to regulate our own body temperature by vasoconstriction and shivering. In contrast, during intensive activity, perspiration acts as our most important thermal regulation. In either case, there is a feeling of discomfort and a loss of energy.

BODY MAPPING SYSTEM BMS is an integrated mix of varying textile structures and yarns accurately positioned to offer special benefits such as moisture management, heat management and compression. Given the shape of the body, during periods of intensive physical activity, any formation of perspiration will not be uniformly spread. For this reason, the BMS intervenes by differentiating the structure of the fabric where necessary.

1 - Closely-woven areas of intensive thermicity with sponge inside.

2 - The front and back areas of the thorax, including the spinal area, is where most moisture collects. With the loosely-woven structure, the SWEAT-WINDOWS open up an immediate escape route for evaporation, working as a decompression valve and avoiding collection of perspiration, thus accelerating the reduction of residual moisture in the inner layers.

3 - Retention canals: given contact with the skin, these create micro-canals where the heated air is found, reducing the moisture and maintaining the thermal potential.

4 - Open-woven areas of medium thermicity to accelerate the exchange of air in the shoulder area when in contact with rucksacks.

5 - Closely-woven areas of medium thermicity with smooth inside.

6 - Loop for taking out quadrant or watch with hand-warmer pockets.

7 - Wrist loop for hand extra warmth.

The CLIMA-CONTROL and BODY MAPPING SYSTEM intervenes when and where necessary to create a constant internal micro-climate without over-heating or accumulation of perspiration, thereby facilitating a longer maintenance of an ideal body temperature both during exercise or periods of inactivity.


Double-structured fabric with external surface in hygroscopic SKIN-LIFE microfibre, with bacteriostatic characteristics. Any perspiration is drawn outwards through the internal face in DRYARN polypropylene. The absolute hydrophobicity of the DRYARN fibre and the higher surface tension created by the SKIN-LIFE microfibre lead to a rapid outward transfer of moisture and a constant feeling of dryness and warmth of the internal face in contact with skin.

In addition DRYARN is:

– The lightest fibre in existence: a lightness which results in pleasant comfort, mobility and freedom of movement.

– Able to offer higher levels of insulation: the thermal-insulation capacity of DRYARN is unique, higher than that of wool, creating a breathable barrier which works as an insulator from outside and a transport for moisture from inside.

– Anti-odour: DRYARN hinders the formation of bad odours caused by the multiplication of bacteria which settle in the damp areas of clothing.

– Hydrophobic: its absolute hydrophobicity transfers any moisture outwards, where it evaporates, thus keeping your body skin dry at all times.